UNIFRAX manufactures a wide range of high temperature insulating materials especially suited for use in marine and off-shore passive fire protection installations. These products and their variants are parts of our FyreWrap brand.


FyreWrap® Blanket from Unifrax is a totally inorganic, flexible and lightweight high temperature insulation blanket specifically designed for passive fire protection applications and for use in FyreWrap systems.

FyreWrap Blanket provides fire protection insulation for a wide range of rated assemblies and systems including systems designed to resist cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fires.

Thin, lightweight systems, combined with a flexible and easy to install form result in lower installation costs and significant weight savings. FyreWrap Blanket is available with and without a water repellent treatment and both grades are available with a variety of foil facings.


- Non Combustible to IMO A 799 (19)
- Classified A1 to EN 13501-1



Unifrax FyreWrap Blanket is suitable for use in a wide variety of passive fire protection applications including:
- Marine deck and bulkhead insulation in all types of craft
- Hydrocarbon and jet fire protection of vessels and pipes
- Bulkhead & deck insulation for offshore oil platforms & FPSO’s
- Cable tray fire protection
- Ductwork fire protection
- Protection of structural steelwork