The BS&B® story began over 120years ago at the dawn of the modern energy industry in the United Staates. A.H.Black observed the costly and unsafe storage of oil in open earthen pits and developed the industry’s first fabricated oil storage tanks. These tanks were in such demand that Black partnered with Jim Sivalls and W.G. Bryson. That successful Black, Sivalls & Bryson partnership gave rise to the “BS&B” name.


Rupture Disk Devices

Rupture disks (bursting disks) are non-reclosing, pressure relief devices that activate at a specified pressure and temperature. They may be used as stand-alone pressure relief devices, or in parallel or in series with safety / pressure relief valves. Rupture disks are available in a variety of materials including nickel based alloys (stainless steel, nickel 200, alloy 400 and alloy 600) as well as exotic elemental metals such as tantalum, niobium, silver, platinum and gold.

The rupture disk device typically consists of a pressure sensitive disk element and a safety head(holder) that clamps the disk into place in the piping system, although some disk designs may be installed directly between pipe flanges or fittings without a holder. In addition to the vast material options, rupture disks are available for flanged piping applications in sizes 1/2 through 72 inches (15 through 1800mm) and at pressures from 4 inches water column (10mBar) to over 100,000 psig (6,900barg). The BS&B companies have disk designs for industrial process, sanitary / aseptic pharmaceutical designs for industrial process, sanitary / aseptic pharmaceutical and biotech and highly viscous process media applications. The broad range of rupture disk products offered by BS&B for gas, vapor, liquid and multi-phase flow is unrivaled in the industry.

  • Reverse buckling disks (Activated)
  • The industry leading Sta-Saf® system with pretorqued safety head
  • Forward acting rupture disks (Activated)
  • GCR-SA™ assembly
  • Sanitary / aseptic rupture disk devices
  • Vac-Saf® / HiLo™ two way rupture disk devices

Applications Engineering

The BS&B companies’ global network of sales offices, distributors and representatives partner with customers to assist in the selection of the best overpressure protection solutions to their unique application requirements. In addition parameters are evaluated to ensure the most appropriate safety systems are provided.

Application parameters include service phase, frequency and magnitude of pressure cycles, vacuum / back pressure, vibration and operating margin. To satisfy the diverse array of application requirements, the BS&B companies have developed the most comprehensive product line in the industry. This breadth of products includes forward acting / tension-loaded and reverse buckling / compression-loaded, metal bursting disks as well as graphite bursting disks for highly corrosive service media applications.

The list of “industry firsts” is dominated by BS&B technology since the invention of the rupture disk. When no existing technology can fully satisfy a customer or industry requirement, BS&B sets the global standard for innovation, developing tailored solutions to meet those requirements.